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Welcome to the Cholderton Estate

"I can honestly say, that was the most amazing farm that I've ever been to"
Chris Packham, naturalist and TV presenter, after visiting Cholderton.

Introduction to the Cholderton Estate
The Cholderton Estate is an excellent example of sustainable agriculture in action. The Estate follows all the key principles for farming sustainably, including conserving and enhancing the natural environment, minimising consumption, producing safe and healthy products, ensuring animal welfare, support to the rural economy and public benefit. The 2,500-acre (1,000-hectare) estate, owned by Henry and Felicity Edmunds, is a commercial, mixed farming enterprise with a strong focus on nature conservation. The Estate also demonstrates the practice of diversification. Cholderton already has a reputation as a model for sustainable agriculture. Because of the wealth of wildlife supported by the Estate, it was chosen as an ideal venue to launch the Biodiversity Action Plan for Hampshire. It has also been used by farming organisations for demonstration purposes and by many, including the RSPB, as a study site. This website, developed with assistance from Hampshire County Council, provides an insight into sustainable farming practice at the Cholderton Estate and demonstrates what can be achieved on other farms and landholdings.

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